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Hi I'm Luis and welcome to Pangilinan.net — a personal web site featuring a few of my illustrations, print work, and web designs (Est. 1997 and design update-neglected since 2006, lol!).

I'm an art director, a visual designer and an illustrator who relocated to Las Vegas to be with the love of my life and pursue a local career in graphic-web design. I specialize in creating visually strong, easily accessible designs that are attractive, clean and thoughtfully laid out. To get the message across the internet, I rely on time-proven good design principles while using the current web standards in creating high-quality websites customized right down to each icon and pixel.

While most of the work I do these days is for the web, my roots are still firmly grounded in print graphic design. Having accumulated years of experience in advertising agencies and prepress art departments in both lead and production capacities, I employ these skills in developing entire company-product branding from concept to finish which extends to logo designs, annuals+brochures, print ads+flyers, magazine-book cover+layout, businesscards, letterheads, CD covers, t-shirt art, and a wide variety of other artwork for print or silkscreen. Like my web design, my print work is clean, crisp, and visually appealing.

What else? When I'm not in front of my Mac or sketchbook (really, I do leave them sometimes), I'm a volunteer taste tester for my wife's leche flan business (Let's Flan It!). I also find relaxation and creative inspiration by putting on the headphones and immersing myself in beating the livin' life out of my drums to the tunes of Alternative, R&B and Jazz. Lastly, I'm an avid illustrator, a pin collector, a sneakerhead, a movie prop collector and a long-time anime fan — it's an addicting hobby (that extends to a cultish level) which cannot be explained and is best left to be experienced.

To view my online portfolio, visit the web design and art gallery section of this site. You can also view my LinkedIn profile here. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? (Er, no spam please) Fill out the simple form below and say "hello". I'd really like that.

Thanks for your indulgence.

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