Great!!! I see you have wandered around this far. You have just stumbled onto my (not-so) secret page! This is the place where I will be posting several personal photos of stuff and some pics of my racing buds... (kind of like an electronic scrapbook with a web address). I'll try to keep this page as updated as much as possible, so be sure to check back here often. Additionaly, I've also posted snapshots from the Anime Expo here.

The pictures below are "as-is". I didn't bother including larger samples because its just a pain to download.

Paris! Las Vegas
With Christine. Las Vegas (at the Bellagio/Paris backdrop), May 2, 2001

my PPC7600
My trusty PowerMacintosh 7600/132. It has been repurposed and sent to Manila for my cousin to use...

two geeks!
Proof positive that no good can happen when two designers hangout: The result? We (Me & Elena) both got Apple's Titanium PowerBooks!

with Lynda Weinman
Taking a short coffee break (and a photo-op) at the Adobe GoLive seminar with Lynda Weinman, Author-Designer and Mac Guru extraordinaire.

One Time Racing
One Time Racing!! Back in the days when 1/4 mile street drag racing was in its haydays...we were there! This is a photo of our ground scrapping "skateboards". Dedicated to three of my OT-R buds...Merv, Chie and Noel. (The farthest brown Civic is was mine)

Josh & Mini
"Hmm...alright Mr. Bridger, I think I can reach the gas pedal on this one...". My lil' nephew Joshua pondering whether he can drive off on this Mini Cooper and make a quick "Italian Job" getaway!

my GSD...Saabie!
little booboo
Our doggie babies! The one looking stoned is named Saab (sadly, she passed away Dec.'03)... don't ask me why, we got her with that name already a given! Did I mention she is a German Shepherd? The lil' runt is our german-chow mix Audi... one of the sweetest dog you'll ever meet.

Tama Rockstar Drumkit
The world's most abused drumkit, my 5-pc. Tama Rockstar with Falam slam coated snares (bulletproof-yeeah!), Zildjian A & Z Custom Cymbals and Tama's Iron Cobra Bass Pedals for that extra fast bass punch... snap-crackle-bam!

Anime Figures
Being an Anime nut, I used to collect several anime figures, from resin kits to fully transforming figures (Macross, Evangelion, Gundam). Here you see a portion of my old collection.