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Thursday, March 18, 2010
permalink In The Meantime...
[1:58pm] minipulator: you have to tell me from a programatic one
[1:58pm] teleolurian: oh
[1:58pm] teleolurian: yeah 777 that shit
[1:58pm] teleolurian: 777 everything
[1:58pm] minipulator: kk
[1:58pm] minipulator: lol
[1:58pm] teleolurian: 777 THE WORLD
[1:58pm] minipulator: YES WORLD READ ALL OUR PHPS
[1:59pm] teleolurian: we shall act it out
[1:59pm] teleolurian: chmod 777 eris *bot*
[1:59pm] eris *bot*: vagina activated.
[1:59pm] minipulator: lol
[1:59pm] d: wow

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