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Thursday, January 29, 2009
permalink Home Alone
I can't quite put my finger on it, but lately, I get this sad lonely feeling every time I get up in the morning. And as much as I'd hate to admit it, the root of it all has something to do with the days moving ever so fast towards the 6th of February. What happens on the 6th? Christine goes off to the East Coast (Connecticut/NYC) and then onto Brazil to attend her cousin's highly anticipated Emperatriz performance at the Annual Carnaval in São Paolo. After the Brazilian festivities, she then returns to Stamford to accompany her niece until March 2nd. I could have packed and gone with her for the trip, but since I no longer have any time off from work left, I'll probably end up jobless when I get back should I choose to take a leave. Therefore, stay in Vegas I will. So why was I getting all sad and lonely again? That's three whole weeks without my wife, the longest we've been apart since getting married. Just the very thought of having to go through a day without her gets me all depressed, imagine what three-weeks will do. You'd probably find me bumping into things like a chicken with it's head cut off: I wouldn't know what to eat, wouldn't know what to wear, and would most likely start wondering where all these bills are coming from and why no one is writing cheques to make them go away. I'd live life aimlessly wandering the streets of Las Vegas while continuously muttering incoherently only to be interrupted by sobs and sudden bursts of wailing. Anyway, drama aside, these coming weeks will suck. Dear wife: please ignore this post and enjoy the trip, and don't forget to score me a pair of Havaianas. In size 11.5 —love, your husband.
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