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Sunday, January 11, 2009
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This weekend, me and wifey quietly celebrated our 5-year (Civil) Wedding Anniversary. And before anyone asks why civil, yes, we're one of those couples who also had a church wedding a few months after. We just love each other like that. He-he. Anyway, we decided not to involve too much fanfare and just had lunch at home with everything lovingly prepared by my awesome cook of a wife. With the small amount of time she had, we were able to feast on honey walnut shrimp and her delectable spicy seafood spaghetti. There were other sides (and cake!) of course, but those were the highlights of the meal. And soon after we had our fill, I snuck out to the nearest GameStop to load up on a couple of new games courtesy of the gift card Christine gave me as an anniversary present. So, please excuse me for a bit while I try and figure out how this Iron Chef game works on the DS... Allez cuisine!
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