Strategy Drives Delivery

Our Strategy Delivery Framework (SDF) ensures that organizational strategies drive the selection, delivery and measurement of various strategic initiatives. SFD Chart

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Our four-step Strategy Delivery Framework (SDF) follows a top-down approach where strategic alignment underpins all of the processes, deliverables and results from organizational strategy to portfolio management, from portfolio to program management, and from program to project management.

Organizational Strategy icon

Organizational Strategy

We help organizations rectify deficiencies in strategy definition, governance and execution so that senior executives and delivery teams have a shared understanding of how to achieve strategic alignment. Using our framework, strategic goals are clear and measurable, and wide enough to remain valid for the next three years.
Portfolio Management icon

Portfolio Management

Our framework ensures that strategic goals drive initiatives; project portfolio is balanced; and poor performing projects are cancelled. Delivery time is decreasing, delivery capacity is increasing and project information is accessible. A roadmap exists on how to translate business strategy (formulation) into business success (implementation).
Program Management icon

Program Management

If an organization has a Program Management Office (PMO), we make sure that there is a plan on how it will continually evolve to meet the business needs. Otherwise, we build it from scratch. For optimal resource utilization, we use our framework to vet program managers based on capability and not simply on seniority and availability; formal career and training plans exist.
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Project Management

The last step in our framework ensures that project management roles and responsibilities are clearly delineated. We work with project managers to give them the necessary skills to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. We equip them with the latest tools and techniques from various industries across the world.