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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
permalink September Morn'
Shut yourself out, close the office doors and play angry music that gets you all riled up (and potentially volatile), design something incredibly amazing and then completely rip it apart, empty the inbox without reading a single email, shred all types of paperwork found cluttering your desk, ignore all phone calls and instant messages, slip out of the office and climb into the car, get a venti iced coffee, drive in and around the city while crossing your fingers for a sudden downpour although the sky is depressingly clear, point and laugh at bewildered tourists mulling the Vegas Strip, head for Red Rock canyon, bomb through endless stretches of asphalt while cool winds race through your face and down to your armpits, accidentally drop the drink through the open window, cuss and grumble alternately, miserably drive back to the office, go through the back door undetected, finish up pending work, tidy up your desk, shutdown the computer, leave without uttering a single a word before the day is officially over.
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