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Friday, August 21, 2009
permalink Smashing Times
> Krem: Knightley > Portman
> Krem: but still hawt
> lpotr4: knightley is a stick tho
> teleolurian: /cake/ > your actresses
> derek: Baccarin > Knightley, imho
> lpotr4: pretty, but curveless stick lol
> Krem: luis: portman isn't?
> teleolurian: you're getting steeev's attention
> lpotr4: well she is shapelier compared to
> Krem: krem vs luis on Knightley vs Portman is reminding me of d vs minip on Fox vs Berry...
> lpotr4: Fox vs Berry?
> teleolurian: your fight is making me read /b/
> steeev: portman is a kick ass stick
> Krem: lol, I can insult luis... I just dunno if you guys will see me next week
> teleolurian: http://img.4chan.org/r9k/src/1250879254835.jpg
> teleolurian: there you go
> Krem: wh000, b000bs
> steeev: nsfk
> You kicked teleolurian from the chat room. (lpotr4)
> teleolurian joined the chat room.
> teleolurian was promoted to operator by eris.
> Krem: lol
> lpotr4: for making me look at that horrid photo
> teleolurian: lol
> Krem: lmao

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