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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
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I've always been a gear-a-holic, and any type of bag/luggage that proposes to make my carrying and traveling life easier are always a welcome addition to my ever growing stable of laptop and travel gear. When I found Tom Bihn via a comment from one of the Mac forums I frequent, I felt that my search for the perfect laptop bag was fully addressed by this company. I won't be going into details about how great the products are or how awesome their customer service is whenever you call or email for whatever reason, no I won't go into that, instead, what I'll recommend is that you visit their website and explore the forums and blogs and you'll get a sense of why this company has such a strong cult following much like Apple and it's fanboy-like devotees. But I digress, I wanted to post this blog as a reminder for myself that Tom Bihn has recently put several new products out on the market today, items that are sure to put a lot of Tom Bihn fans (including myself) into a world of hurt and dilemma. The three new products that I know I want myself are as follows:

The Tri-Star: Check!

The Side Effect: Roger that!

3D Clear Organizer Cube: Make mine in triplicates...

Of course there's more on their online catalog that I want such as the various pouch organizers and travel cubes, but those three mentioned above are on the immediate hit list. Damn you Tom! And stop smiling Darcy, you too!
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