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Monday, March 23, 2009
permalink Catching Up
Everyday life has been so busy as of late that I have completely neglected my blog (but not entirely). Twitter was partly to blame for this since it was so much easier to write one-liners as opposed to longer diatribes such as this. But hey, sometimes that 140-character limit warrants a longer blog post so here it is...

Aside from stating the obvious that I was too busy to get my head on straight and write something coherent, what actually kept me busy was a mixture of a number of things. There's work of course, and by that I mean my day job as a web monkey. There's also work outside of work, several side projects have come my way as of late ranging from web designs, to tackling WordPress themes and the occasional sprinkling of logo and print jobs. And mix in what's left of my personal time with the wife and there's little left for anything else. And oh, we had guests upon guests coming and going which made our lives a lot more busier than it usually is but all in good fun. Despite what people might think, we actually enjoy having people around and taking them around, it makes us feel special that friends and family always consider us as a destination point whenever they visit Vegas. Awww... we love you folks!

Okay. What else? Ah yes Twitter. It's like a new found drug that I can't stop using at the moment. I am sure the novelty will wear off soon (just as it always has with every new toy I've had) and my 'tweeting' will lessen to a minimum as opposed to my current knee-jerk reaction of twittering everything under the sun including my thoughts while pooping in the john. Sorry, sorry, TMI, I know. Anyways, apart from Twitter, having an iPhone with an app (Yay Tweetie!) that allows instant access to Twitter 24-7 is just too easy.

Then there's that blimey AppStore. I don't know what it is, but I seem to be downloading more apps than music or movie content these days for my phone. It started with a simple enough game like Labyrinth and now has grown into a hefty-sized app library ranging from games all the way to Kindle books and tip calculators. So far my faves are Metal Gear Solid Touch, Scrabble (yes you read that right, Scrabble!), Cooking Mama (woo!), Wheel of Fortune, ExZeus, iPhone Kindle (the app for the iPhone and not the device) and of course the most heavily abused thingamabob — Tweetie. I won't bother posting links to the other apps from the iTunes AppStore I mentioned here (I'm lazy), either just Google it or search for it on iTunes by name.

So there we have it, my self-obligartory blog post fulfilled. And yeah, still busy as heck so if you want to hear more from me (and I am crossing my fingers that some of you still do), follow me on Twitter, it's lesser reading than this. I promise.
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