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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
permalink No Reservations - Philippines
I received a late call from my wife today to explicitly tell me to catch Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations' special on the Philippines. The show cost me dearly in sleep time since it started late and once it began, I was captivated by Bourdain's gastronomic forays in the Philippines. So here I am, close to midnight and hungry as hell.

Check out the vid:

Best caption...
Bourdain (while wolfing down Pancit Palabok): "Good! This'll hold ya 'til lunch." Guest host: "Actually, it's a snack." Bourdain: "Really?"
(thanks Rick!)

...And just in case you are curious, here's a few more links to Tony's food itinerary in general and also the low-down on his feasting while in Cebu.
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